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Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal (MSK) Assessments

Did you know it takes 7 times the resources to hire a new employee than it does to maintain an existing one?

When shopping for an important purchase we often ask our networks for recommendations and are on the lookout for a lemon. In the same way, when you and your company are investing significant amounts of time and effort during employing phases, you want to ensure your candidates are up to physical speed, have no lingering problems, and be able to perform your required tasks.

You benefit from using an independent specialist who will provide impartial recommendations on the physical capacity of your candidates.

Esperance Physiotherapy is the preferred provider of MSK Assessment services in Esperance for Prime Occupational Health, Konekt, JobFit, Carepoint Health, and Work Solutions. Pre-employment MSK assessment is used by a range of mining companies, service contractors, fabricators, and local government organisations. These assessments indicate an applicant’s physical capacity and suitability for specific work - as outlined by you.

With a completed Pre-Employment MSK Assessment report in hand, this enables employers to make a more informed decision about a candidate’s suitability for their prospective job and also provides a baseline of your employee’s physical capacity at that snapshot point in time.

Areas assessed include;
  • Past injuries & general health
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Upper and lower limb strength
  • Upper and lower limb flexibility
  • Spinal strength & flexibility
  • Lifting capacity and technique

Team Educational Sessions

With over 43% of injured workers not receiving on-the-job OH & S training employers need to do more. Like CPR, manual handling and risk identification need to be continually reaffirmed, to keep it at the front of employees' minds. Education sessions, posters, toolbox meetings, role-playing, and problem-solving scenarios are all useful tools.

Feedback from participants attending a customised Manual Handling Program with an emphasis on activity in the workplace;

"Staff reported thoroughly enjoying the manual handling training and found it most beneficial in that it reminded them to GET BACK INTO FITNESS!  Some staff have already begun to walk in the mornings by coming into town an hour earlier, when they can, and spending 3/4 hour walking along the lovely foreshore.  The staff overall are more motivated to find ways that will help them to develop or regain fitness levels as well as become healthier overall.
The majority of staff felt that the workshop was quite informative and many responded extremely well to the movement being included in the workshop with regular opportunities to stand up and get the blood flow moving as opposed to sitting for long periods and feeling drowsy.
Staff are consciously putting the learnings from the training into practice such as whilst sitting at their desks they are much more conscious of adopting a more S-shaped posture, as opposed to a 90-degree sitting position and also to get up and move regularly if sitting down for long periods.  Staff report that these changes are helping them to be more alert and focused on the job at hand.

Staff found the manual handling training to be interesting and some are following up on looking into procuring adjustable tables for the workplace. Staff felt that for personal health it is good to get up and walk around and stretch during the day. Since completing the training, Many staff have made their workstations much more ergonomically appropriate for answering the phone and accessing notes. The staff has noted that it only takes a few simple changes to help them be calmer and more comfortable in the workplace."



Katrina Stewart – Team Leader - Bay of Isles Community Outreach Inc

Examples of educational sessions available

The Human Spine

Human Spine - Injury Prevention

We come to your workplace and using a combination of computer technology, human models, and practical demonstration, provide an interactive session on the following key areas:

  • The nuts and bolts; Anatomy & Function of your Spine
  • Appreciation of your Spine
  • Correct Lifting & Ergonomics
  • Who is Responsible
  • Lift Twice Principal
  • Posture & Preventative Exercises

Pre-Work Out - Fitness at Work

This workshop looks at injury prevention and part of this is the setting up of individual health programs both at work and home. The fitter and more health-conscious employees are the less likely they will become an injury statistic.

This interactive presentation covers;

  • Work Warm-up
  • Goal Setting & Heart Measurement
  • Flexibility Guidelines & Stretches
  • Strength Guidelines & Exercises

Other Presentations

  • Safe Manual Handling
  • Smart Workstations
  • Importance of Posture
  • Exercise in the Workplace
  • Principals of Safe Lifting

Ergonomic Assessments

We can arrange onsite visits by a physiotherapist to assist new staff in how to correctly set up their workstation, advise on appropriate equipment and discuss the importance of regular exercise breaks to minimise posture fatigue. Existing staff who are experiencing neck or back pain will also benefit from this professional input.

Early Intervention Physiotherapy Program

This initiative is designed to assist injured employees quickly. Research shows that early injury management improves return-to-work outcomes.

As a large number of injuries in the workplace involve the muscle and skeletal systems physiotherapists are ideally placed to provide early treatment, advice, and employer feedback. Appointments are usually available within 24 hours.

This physiotherapy-based program entails 4 or 6 visits. During this time your employee’s injury will be assessed, treated and a determination made about their ability to return to work. This will be communicated to your company.

This physiotherapy program was designed in response to large employers wishing to provide physiotherapy services to employees for musculoskeletal injuries without having to commence a workers’ compensation claim.

Your Benefits

  • No waiting for GP appointments
  • Assessment & treatment on the day by movement specialists
  • No reported claim
  • No lost time injury statistics
  • No extra paperwork
  • XR and sick certificate can be provided as required

Physiotherapists can legally provide Sick Certificates for injuries they treat if your employee is unable to complete their normal work duties. We can also arrange X-rays if necessary and will recommend a medical review if required.

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