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Thermoskin LogoThermoskin is a technology innovator, and at the forefront of research and development into new therapy support products that aid in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, arthritic pain and overuse injuries.

Thermoskin Braces

Close partnerships with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) further enhance the credibility of Thermoskin, as a specialist in injury and pain management.

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Esperance Physiotherapy also carry a range of lumbar spine, thumb, wrist, arthritis and knee braces:

Thermoskin Lumbar Spine Brace

Ankle Braces

Due to the high demands and variety in foot and ankle shape we have sourced three different ankle braces to accommodate the majority of people.


Ankle BraceThe T2 is unique in that it has a hinge allowing normal running motion without requiring any ‘wear in’ time. By placing it under the inner sole of your shoes this brace becomes part of your shoe. Padded foam lines a hard polypropylene shell. Fixation is with a broad Velcro strap.

Use for either L) or R) ankles. Simple.
Available sizes are; XSml, Sml, Med, Lge.

All Terrain

Manufactured by Australian company, Orthotic Technical Services this is probably the strongest of the three braces. it has a combination of lace up and two ‘figure 6’ restrainer Velcro straps.

Use for either L) or R) ankles.
Available sizes are; XSml, Sml, Med, Lge.

AirCast Airsport

Made by the internationally recognized company Aircast, these are L) and R) specific with air filled padding under a hard polypropylene shell. Fastening is with Velcro straps.

Available sizes are; L) and R) XSml, Sml, Med, Lge.

Other Braces

Ankle BraceIn addition to the above ankle braces and the thermoskin brace range we have in stock tennis elbow braces, chopat patella brace, several lumbar support braces, universal shoulder brace, plantar flexion night splint, Donjoy MC Walker brace and Donjoy IROM knee brace.



Rigid Sports Tapes - Premium Quality

Rigid TapeA flesh coloured, pinkered edged, tearable tape using a zinc oxide adhesive. This rigid tape is best utilized as a strapping tape to resist excessive joint movement. An alternative adhesive is available for those sensitive to zinc oxide.

Available sizes are; 13, 25, 38 and 50 mm widths.


Leukowarp UnderwrapLeukowrap is a foam underwrap used to avoid the pain of removing zinc oxide adhesive bandages and tapes applied directly to the skin.

It protects the skin from irritation due to repeated applications of adhesive coated tapes and bandages.

Standard size only.

Elastic Sports Tape

A stretchy, flesh coloured, these tapes are used with rigid tape to provide compression or in areas requiring a high degree of give (muscles)or after injury (swelling).

Available sizes are; 25, 38, 50 and 75 mm widths.

Adhesive Fabric

Adhesive FabricWhite in colour, these low allergy extensible dressings are used as an undertape, protection for grass burns, grazes and skin burns.

Available sizes are; 50 mm *25 m and 100 mm*

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