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Urban Pole Walking

Designed by a Canadian Occupational Therapist, urban poles are all about increasing your functional ability. That is, doing more with your body physically, is safer, for longer and with less likelihood of causing pain. This fits in with Esperance Physiotherapy's goal of improving our community's ability to live stronger and live longer. With patented large handgrips, lightweight & robust construction and the ability to collapse into a suitcase for travel, the Activator urban walking poles are your go-to tool for assisted weight-bearing activities.

Urban pole walking comes to Esperance!  Due to the altered carriage, walking pattern and aim to gain beneficial movement, pole walking is a skill that ideally is taught to you. No point in re-inventing the wheel so to speak. When you purchase your urban poles at Esperance Physiotherapy, we will provide you with one-on-one instruction on how to correctly use your new urban poles. If you want to and it is appropriate for your level of fitness, you can join our regular group of pole walkers recently caught having fun in the Esperance Weekender.


If you would like to look at the various pole walking options, click here.

Benefits of Pole Walking

The beauty of pole walking is that multitude of benefits. Pole walking assists in;

  • reducing the load on your hip, knee and ankle joints (ideal if you have joint pain)
  • standing taller
  • increasing the strength of your upper arms and core muscles
  • improving balance & coordination
  • improves walking efficiency, less side to side waddling so to speak :)

Next Steps

If you want to use walking poles, our Physiotherapists can advise you on the best product, ideal pole setup and teach you the correct walking technique. Just give us a call on 90715055 or you can book your appointment online.