Before & After Surgery

Before your Operation

At Esperance Physiotherapy, we have orthopaedic rehabilitation PreOperation (PreOp) programs. These programs are designed to improve your mobility, strength, and function before you undergo your orthopaedic surgery. This can be for things such as knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder reconstruction, or back surgery (fusion, discectomy). A PreOp program is tailored by your Physiotherapist based upon their assessment findings and your goals.

SUPPORT & UNDERSTANDING. Surgery is often a confusing and stressful time. What do I need to do to fully prepare? What happens after? How will it affect my other problems? Where will the scar be? How long do I need to keep the dressing on? Developing a relationship with your Physiotherapist before your operation makes sense. You have been in pain and will have developed compensation habits and weaknesses. Your Physiotherapist will assess you and teach you a specific exercise program, targeting any weakness or lack of mobility. They can answer your questions and provide advice on what to expect.

HEALTH BENEFITS. By commencing your program before surgery other potential benefits include; a reduction in body weight (i.e. helps with GA recovery), improved quality of life (i.e. faster recovery time), and build-up of strength, endurance, and flexibility. The better prepared you are, the more likely you will have a smoother recovery.

After your Operation

Following on from your PreOp program, your surgeon will recommend when you commence PostOp rehabilitation. This often involves a period of alternative exercise therapy like Hydrotherapy, cross trainer, or exercise bike depending upon your type of surgery. Having completed a PreOp program, you will often already know what you need to do for the first 2 weeks in the PostOp period.

OPTIMISE RECOVERY. Your surgery was performed due to some structural (e.g. bone/joint dysfunctional reason). Your bones give you shape but your muscles hold everything together; a tent looks good without guy ropes, till the wind blows! Our muscles provide stability & move us around. Every day spent 'resting', takes two days to recover the lost strength and fitness due to inactivity.

RANGE OF OPTIONS. Esperance Physiotherapy provides you with a range of home or clinic-based exercises.

We can;

  • develop and teach hydrotherapy programs for you to practise individually
  • we have exercise equipment (e.g., exercise bikes) for hire or purchase that you can use at home
  • you can join one of our exercise classes (e.g., GLA:D Esperance, Strength for Live/Osteoporosis, Pole walking WA)
  • we can design or modify a program for you to complete in one of the local gyms

The clinic also has an extensive range of fit balls, free weights, dura discs, balance tools elastic bands, and other useful equipment that we have sourced to increase exercise outcomes based on our experience with past clients.