Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Acupuncture & Dry Needling techniques utilise very thin stainless steel pins to stimulate your body. As part of your assessment, your Physiotherapist will locate specific points in your muscles that are causing you pain and limiting your movement. The acupuncture pins produce an increase in circulation and muscle relaxation.

PAIN RELIEF. The majority of clients presenting with pain find they obtain good pain relief over 24 hours. Your physiotherapist will advise you specifically about your situation.

SAFE. Esperance Physiotherapy physiotherapists have received additional training to provide acupuncture and dry needling treatment. Dr Doug Cary is a regular presenter of dry needling courses around Australia. We only use single-use, sterile needles. You will benefit from our extensive training and experience in the provision of dry needling treatments

EFFECTIVE. Even if you have had lots of other muscle treatments or acupuncture at other clinics, we do things differently and you will benefit. Muscles respond to acupuncture in a different way than massage and if you are finding that anti-inflammatory medications don't work, then acupuncture often does.

If you are experiencing pain or not progressing in your current treatment, contact us on 90715055 to book an appointment today.