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Sport & Community ServicesEsperance Physiotherapy has in the past provided Level 1 Sports Trainer Courses, presentations on Game Warm up and stretches and Injury Prevention Programs for Cycling, Basketball, Netball, Squash, Aussie Rules and Soccer.

If you would like to include a physiotherapy presentation as part of your next coaches training weekend or have a similar event planned for your association please Contact Esperance Physiotherapy.


Sporting associations as part of the duty of care for participants require a range of tapes, bandages, ice packs and other items. These will usually require replacement through the year and restocking at the start of each season.

Tape costs do represent a significant of part of sporting association’s budget. We can assist in selection of the right products and provide replacements throughout the season, so large one off purchase are not necessary.

Fresh tape is much easier to use and there is no wastage by over ordering.