While we are primarily a hands-on treatment-focused clinic, we have found in certain circumstances the usage of electrotherapy is a useful adjunct to treatment goals.

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The clinic has a range of high-quality electrotherapy modalities including;

  • Ultrasound units
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound (e.g. for imaging of fractures and soft tissue injuries and rehabilitation of pelvic floor function)
  • Muscle stimulator machines(e.g. for re-education of weak or inactive pelvic floor muscles)
  • Inferential units
  • Automatic traction machine
  • Transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulators (e.g. for pain relief and available for hire)
  • Magnetic Therapy Stimulator (e.g. for delayed bone healing)
  • Acupuncture electric stimulator (e.g. for stronger pain relief)
  • Melmak Low Dosage Ultrasound (e.g. specifically for delayed bone healing and available for hire)
  • Hand massager tools