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Do you have an aging workforce?
Do you find it difficult to recruit or retain your workers?
Do you need to evaluate a prospective employee's physical capacity for your job?
Do you lack the skills or time to assess, prevent and train your employees in hazardous manual handling?

As an employer, who do you think takes ultimate responsibility for back care, manual handling, and risk identification?

If you believe it should be the individual, we definitely agree. However, they need to know what is a sensible lifting technique, be trained to use the equipment correctly and have the appropriate physical capacity to perform their required vocation.

Did you know that 80% of the workforce will suffer from back pain, severe enough that it prevents them from working for 2 weeks at some stage in their working life? That is a lot of lost time, productivity, and increased paperwork. Sound worth avoiding?

 "We have previously engaged Esperance Physiotherapy to provide ergonomic assessments of our Operational and Administration work areas. Most recently we engaged Esperance Physiotherapy to conduct an ergonomic assessment of the Rotary Car Dumper (RCD) control room. This included three site visits where they assessed the RCD control room set up, and interviewed and observed a number of the operators from different teams. The employee of Esperance Physiotherapy attended on time and no safety incidents occurred during the site visits.

A comprehensive report was provided in good time following the final site visit.  The report provided details on primary issues and provided suggestions for improvements in the following areas:Screen_Shot_2022-04-08_at_6.26.30_am.png

  • Work station inefficiencies
  • Neck pain
  • Desk height
  • Glare/intensity of light
  • Work area atmosphere
  • Appropriate seating

We were satisfied with the service provided by Esperance Physiotherapy on this visit and those previous."

Marama Stevens Esperance OHS Administrator - Southern Ports

Injury Prevention - Educate, Enhance, Empower 

Understanding comes from knowledge & education. ABS data shows that 43% of injured workers received no on-the-job OH&S training. How can individuals act, if they don't have the training, awareness, or education? We can help you the business provide these essential skills.

If employees understand their body, are motivated to improve their strength & flexibility, and learn what causes physical harm, they are better placed to make correct decisions and prevent an accident. We enhance personal responsibility.

Our aim is to provide your employees with skills, thereby empowering them to physically manage themselves responsibly. They win because they spend more time doing what they enjoy and your company profits from reducing lost productivity secondary to an injured workforce.

Current forward-thinking employers that have used our services include;

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What does Esperance Physiotherapy do?

We meet with you to determine what are your current problems, concerns, and injury issues.

Once we understand these key factors we will be in a position to suggest a package of solutions appropriate for your organisation. The aim is to specifically tackle a problem that is causing or will cause you in the foreseeable future, a loss of productivity, loss of time, loss of revenue.

Examples include an identified 'hot spot' work area, an aging workforce, or the need to perform repetitive manual tasks or sit in an awkward position.

After agreeing on the necessary components,  implementation will take place over a fixed period of time.

Some intervention strategies available include;

  1. Provision of pre-employment screening
  2. Onsite visit (interview and data collection) and videotaping of worker and work environment (Job & Task Analysis)
  3. Ergonomic assessments, recommendations and equipment
  4. Provide Education sessions (Hazardous Manual Handling, Health & Wellbeing, Ergonomics, Stress and Fatigue Management)
  5. Provide onsite preventative treatment
  6. Access to Early Intervention Physiotherapy Programs 

See How We Help for detailed examples of our solutions