Back Supports

Therapod LogoTherapod Back Supports. High and Low Profile

Complete Support for your back.

Therapod Back SupportsThese back supports provide the two large muscles beside the spine with ultimate relaxation results in relief from back pain. These muscles are responsible for your posture. Pain can result from poor seating and inadequate support.

Portability and adjustment. Not only is it portable, allowing you to use the support as the conditions change, but it utilises Therapod's unique adjustment system. Importantly, this allows you to set the angle of the backrest as required by adjusting the internal supportive straps.

The Low Profile reaches to between the shoulder blades while the High Profile supports the back of your head. Provided in blue.


Bassett Lumbar Support

Basset Lumbar SupportA strong and reasonably priced brace this brace continues to be in strong demand. It has not only been useful for arthritics and patients with back injuries but also in general use for work positioning, farm vehicles, and travelers.

Due to the design, support is given to the spine vertical plane (low back normal curve), and an additional horizontal curve helps to retain posture by supporting the sideways movement.

Extremely light and portable. Bassett Lumbar Support weighs approx. 850 grains (1lb 14oz) and may be carried from one place to another with almost no effort.

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