Client Services

Is your lifestyle cramped by pain?
Have you tried other ’options’ but no one is listening?
Still, have the same problem and want a longer-term solution?
Looking for a non-drug alternative?
Do you want to be more involved in your own management?

Esperance Physiotherapy provides assistance to clients with muscle, joint, and nerve pain, like back & neck pain and sports injuries.

After assessment by your physiotherapist, they will discuss your treatment options, provide advice, and detail what home program is appropriate for you. Our goal is to have you return to your preferred activity as soon and as safely as possible.

Our Physiotherapists aim to provide you with the tools to manage your problems with minimal intervention and guidance. For those unable to attend the clinic we can visit your home by appointment or provide telehealth services. You can book an appointment online here.

Client Details Forms

Client.pngNew Client Onboarding Form

For new clients to our practice or those needing to update details, this speeds your onboarding process and improves our ability to provide you with the professional services that you require, if you complete the 'paperwork' before attending Esperance Physiotherapy.

You can click this link or use the QR code and after submitting, the majority of paperwork will be in our system before you arrive!

Pre-Employment Client Onboarding Form

chart-1.pngFor clients that are attending Esperance Physiotherapy to complete their pre-employment assessment, please complete this form before attending.

You can click on this link or scan the QR code and after submitting, the majority of paperwork will be in our system before you arrive.

Workers' Compensation Client Questionnaires

Questionnaires to be completed by clients that are receiving Physiotherapy under the WA WorkCover scheme.

You can click on this link or scan the QR code and after submitting, the majority of your paperwork will be in our system before you arrive.



Private Clients

A private client is someone who is taking personal responsibility for their own health, not a third party. We are able to see private clients with no doctor's referral. Nor do you need private health insurance to see us.

  • You may currently have a problem that is limiting your normal lifestyle.
  • You may be trying to improve your health and fitness generally.
  • You may be planning major joint surgery, like a total knee or hip replacement.
  • You may be recovering from surgery on your muscles, bones, or ligaments.

In all these situations, physically training your body and increasing your knowledge will stand you in good stead for a faster recovery. 

We provide on-the-spot, on-the-day health insurance claims via HICAPS. No additional paperwork and no delay. Simple.

You can book a private appointment online here.

Workers’ Compensation

If you injure yourself at work and your doctor has commenced a worker's compensation claim, ask when you should start physiotherapy. Remember for every day, not at work, it takes two days to achieve the same pre-injury level of activity.

Don't' delay in seeking our professional treatment. We can help you when you're in pain, have a swollen ankle or knee, a headache, or a painful shoulder. We can brace or strap if you are in pain, start you on a gentle guided exercise program and hydrotherapy and help you to understand what is happening with your injury. Don't delay starting.

Like Private clients, Workers' Compensation clients are responsible for payment of their treatment and you can seek reimbursement directly from your employer's insurance company.

You can book a workers' Compensation appointment online here.

Department of Veterans Affairs

If you have pain or joint stiffness, arthritis, dizziness, weakness, loss of balance, ask your doctor or specialist for a referral to Esperance Physiotherapy. There is no charge if you hold a gold card or specific area white card for our services with a referral, and we can provide you with a full range of services to assist your situation.

You can book a DVA appointment online here.


Medicare doesn't cover physiotherapy unless under an Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Any condition present for or likely to be present for 6 months is deemed chronic & eligible for an EPC plan. You will need to discuss this with your general practitioner and ask for them to write a Care Plan for you. Your general practitioner is reimbursed by Medicare to complete this plan, and part of the plan can include up to 4 visits with Esperance Physiotherapy.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

We assist motor vehicle insurance claimants in the same way as Private and Worker's Compensation clients. Payment is made on the day of treatment and we will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to RiskCover for reimbursement to you. We do not provide accounts on your behalf to a 3rd party like RiskCover or your lawyer.