In the past, treatment was like a one-way conversation (no such thing really, unless you are talking to yourself) with the therapist telling the client what to do. Sure, therapists have the knowledge, but we don't know you; your goals, your aspirations, your fears, your expectations, or your past experiences for good or bad.

So we will treat you as an individual because it is your body, and while we may have access to it for 30 minutes, you have the other 23.5 hours in a day! Therefore we need to know what types of activities you are involved in, for how long, at what intensity. These factors will influence strongly your rate of improvement if they are not balanced appropriately.

Everyone is an individual, so come along expecting a lot of questions.

For the same reason, no one 'treatment' is going to 'fix' all clients. As you will see, Esperance Physiotherapy offers you a very wide range of treatment options, but one of the most important treatments we offer isn't of the physical type. It is empathy.

Understanding an injury is so much about appreciating how your injury is affecting your life. One ankle sprain is not like another and a large part of this is that we are all individuals and respond differently. We always aim to take your situation into consideration.

How Will Physiotherapy Help You? Manual Therapy

SAFE. You benefit from comprehensive and safe treatment from our Physiotherapists.  As registered health professionals, our Physiotherapists will assist you by enhancing your mobility and quality of life. We are trained to assess the underlying causes of joint, muscle, and nerve disorder and help you understand how to best manage your condition.

EXPERTISE. Our Physiotherapists have completed a 4-year university degree as well as Post Graduate Diplomas in specialty disciplines, like Sports or Manipulative Therapy. You benefit by receiving the highest quality and most up-to-date treatment options. As Physiotherapists are primary contact health practitioners, you don't require a medical referral to attend, we can provide you with a sick certificate if required and can request XRs on your behalf if appropriate.

AVAILABLE & PROMPT. No person's time is more important than yours. We aim to have appointments available so you will be able to see a Physiotherapist within 24 hours. We have an appointment by booking system and 95% of the time, we are less than 15 minutes late. Clients have often commented on how pleasant it is to be seen so promptly and so close to their booked appointment - sometimes early!

EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS. To keep costs to a minimum for you, we are a pay-on-the-day practice. In addition to accepting credit cards and direct credit payment via phone pay, we provide a HICAPS service, for on the spot, private health insurance claims. This means no additional paperwork, you claim on the spot and only pay the difference. Easy and efficient.

Esperance Physiotherapy Services

  1. Pain Management, acute or chronic, for the old, young, worker, athlete, male & female. If your movements or quality of life is affected we can provide you with professional advice
  2. Acute Injury Management, advice, and fitting of appropriate professional braces
  3. Sleep Education (i.e. primary & secondary insomnia) + Sleep Posture Assessment 
  4. Mobility Assessments - correct use of crutches, walker frames, wheelchairs
  5. Falls Risk Assessments & Falls Prevention
  6. Pre-Employment Physical Assessment including Spirometry
  7. Functional (Work Ready) Assessments and Work Hardening (Gym) Programs
  8. Gait Lab: Walking Assessments & Orthotic Prescription
  9. Pre-Operation (Prehab) Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  10. Post Operation (Rehab) Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  11. Arthritis Management
  12. Strengthening Programs including Pilates Program

Injury Prevention & Exercise Programs

  1. Workplace Injury Prevention Programs
  2. CabChart™ Programs - Exercise for Farmers
  3. Complete Fitness Programs
  4. Weight Loss Programs
  5. Hydrotherapy
  6. Falls Prevention Program
  7. New Mums - Injury Prevention Program

Can Esperance Physiotherapy Help You?

Esperance Physiotherapy helps the young and old alike, to improve mobility, reduce pain and increase your quality of life. We work with private clients, employers, sports groups, community groups and farmers.

If you have pain or joint stiffness, that you feel would improve with physiotherapy call us today. If you injure yourself at work, ask your doctor when you need to start physiotherapy. For every day away from your normal activity, it takes two days to achieve the normal again. Don't delay.

Esperance Physiotherapy offers home visits by appointment for those individuals unable to attend our clinic in Esperance.

We are a very hands-on physiotherapy clinic.

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Manual Therapy & Massage | Acupuncture & Dry Needling | Hydrotherapy | Men's & Women's Health

Pre & Post-Op Rehabilitation | Gym Work Hardening | Pain Education