All the features but not the price tag. It is common knowledge that large sporting companies spend enormous amounts of money on sponsorships, and these costs need to be recouped through the associated products (read - shoes). This is one reason why Orthaheel is so reasonably priced. Can you recall an athlete sponsored by Orthaheel?

The other great benefit of this low price sporting shoe is that they are designed by a podiatrist.

There are only so many features you can add to a shoe, to make it comfortable and functional, and the Orthaheel shoes have all of these features;

  • Leather upper (strength, wear, and tear, breath-ability)
  • Heel counter for hindfoot support
  • Good lacing options
  • EVA midsole (shock absorption)
  • Stylish straight black or white or with splashes of colour

There are so many reasons to like these shoes. Come in and try one on, and you will discover another - comfort.


We stock a range of high-quality hiking and dress socks, laces, and shoe cleaning and maintenance products.

Orthotics & Innersoles

Silicon Innersoles

Before buying orthotics or innersoles we strongly suggest you have your foot/feet assessed by our professional staff to determine the actual cause of your pain. Orthotics may not be required and you will be spending money unnecessarily.

We stock four ranges of ‘off the shelf’ orthotics because for the vast majority of people an off-the-shelf orthotic ticks all the required boxes. There is no research to indicate that an expensive, customised orthotic provides better clinical outcomes than a high-quality, off-the-shelf orthotic. We stock the Vasalyi + Dandenburg, VAS, Interpod and Superfeet.

The off the shelf variety are especially suited for;

  • Children
  • Most athletes &
  • Older people.

These are available in different densities (hardness) and lengths (¾ or full length). Available sizes are; XSml. Sml, Med, Lge, XLge.

Silicone Innersoles


We have found that people after heel fracture or those that work continuously on concrete and other hard surfaces benefit from using medical-grade silicon shoe inserts. These can be heel cup, ¾, or full length.

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