Esperance Physiotherapy now stocks and instructs in the use of the VACURECT Erection Enhancement System as part of their Men's Health Services. Book an appointment with Dr Doug Cary by phoning 907150055 or book online using the button above.

Difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection can be due to diabetes, post-prostatectomy or in association with erectile dysfunction. 


An affordable, robust and simple to use, the Vacurect pump is suitable for almost all men and is suitable regardless of the cause of erectile dysfunction. This non-invasive treatment can be used solo or in conjunction with other treatments. 

The introduction of Vacurect ™ marked a breakthrough in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and rehabilitation after prostate surgery. It is now setting a new standard in vacuum therapy and has already restored intimacy to thousands of relationships across the globe since 1999. Vacurect.png

The Vacurect ™ has a compact, pleasing design and is very easy to use. It uses a natural pumping action that will not detract unduly from the intimacy of the moment. It uses a unique double-sealing constriction ring that enables maximum efficiency which means that it works much faster, resulting in minimal interference with foreplay and intimacy. Most importantly, the Vacurect ™ enables couples to enjoy lovemaking again. The Vacurect ™ was researched and developed by a team of professionals and is patented internationally. It was tested in South Africa by the Pretoria Urology Hospital, the Institute for Sexology and The Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. The result is a superior, integrated high precision medical device that can be used with complete confidence for many years.,

A Vacurect ™ Package includes:

  • 10 Tension/Constriction rings of different sizes
  • Personal lubricant
  • System Oil (Silicon) Bottle
  • User Manual
  • Covered by a one-year product warranty.


Information brochure

User manual

How to use Vacurect (video) 

How to disassemble & assemble for cleaning (video)