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AOK LOgoAOK - It's all about balance!

Balance refers to the vertical alignment of the body in movement. Optimal balance requires the least amount of muscle work to maintain posture and minimise the stress on the overall body structure.

AOK MediballMany of AOK Health’s products are aimed at developing and maintaining optimal balance and therefore peak functional performance of the user.

AOK MediBalls have been designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Safety - the anti-burst feature reduces injury risk associated with exploding balls
  • Strong resistance to stretching and general wear & tear
  • Resist deformation under load
  • Suitable for sitting, rehabilitation, exercising, stretching, and weight training
  • Non-toxic

This provides 3 essential benefits:AOK Mediball – Classic

  • While exercising slows the reaction speed of the ball so that the proprioceptive/sensory pathways are stimulated through the entire range of motion
  • The ball retains its spherical form and small base of support, thus enhancing the body's stabilisation response
  • Promotes long life due to resistance to stretching and general wear & tear.

AOK Mediball – Classic

We stock the Classic in sizes, 55, 65, 75 cm. These are rated to 375kg dynamic load. 


AOK Duradisc

AOK DuradiscA Versatile Rehabilitation and training Tool, the duraDisc™ provides active and reactive rehabilitation or the lower kinetic chain. Use duraDisc™ to improve proprioception and balance, increase the range of motion and strengthen the lower kinetic chain.

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Orbit Fitness

Orbit Fitness Logo

Orbit Health & Fitness Solutions was established in 1983 as a direct response to the growing demand for home gym equipment.

Now the largest supplier of fitness equipment in Perth, Orbit is a WA family-owned and operated business. The company has the biggest range of fitness equipment in terms of both breadth and depth.

Orbit Fitness Equipment

Orbit’s product range contains everything from rebounders, fitness bikes, rowing machines, dumbbells, and step-up blocks to treadmills, punch bags, Pilates mats, and multi-gyms.

We stock a range of exercise equipment from Orbit mats that we have found very useful in the clinic and for home use. All other Orbit products can be sourced promptly.

We sell all Orbit products at the normally listed Perth prices. We don’t charge for freight. No hidden costs.

Visit Orbit to see the full range of exercise equipment and accessories.

Our ‘Rent Before You Buy’ Policy – 100% Refund

If you are unsure about the suitability of a product for you and it is part of our rental range, then we will happily deduct 100% of your rental value up to the retail price of the product you have rented. You can rent and try it out and not lose any money if you decide to buy the same piece of equipment.

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