Manual Therapy

human spine

Manual therapy implies providing treatment via a hands-on approach. This often starts as part of your assessment, as your Physiotherapist assess how your joints move, your muscle tissue tightness and elasticity and any protective responses to movement (catching, guarding, limping). You will benefit from having a much more accurate assessment and as a result a customised treatment plan.

Hands On Treatment can involve;

  • manual therapy - joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • soft tissue massage - trigger point, relaxation, deep, remedial
  • strengthening - resisted guidance exercises, Pilates, hydrotherapy
  • movement training - correct movement patterns
  • posture - comfortable and sustainable postures

EXPERTISE. With over 25 years experience, post graduate and specialisation qualifications, you will receive the full benefit from our Physiotherapists accumulated knowledge. We can assist you with complex pain issues, preparation for joint surgery and rehabilitation after. Following a comprehensive assessment you will receive a treatment plan with recommendations based upon their experience. This knowledge will assist you to achieve your goals quicker.